5 Reasons why a personalised book is THE GIFT to give this Christmas

When it comes to a present that reflects someone’s personality or individual characteristics, generic gifts hardly ever cut it.  That’s why personalised gifts are THE GIFT to create for someone! And we’ve got 5 reasons why creating a personalised children’s book is THE GIFT TO CREATE!

#1. Celebrate what makes them special

Everyone is different, so celebrate what makes them special! And this rings especially true for kids! That’s why we have so many different personalisation options just for a child’s appearance, such as hairstyles and colours, eye shape, skin tone, and even if your little one has freckles or wears glasses. And even more updates are already in the works!

#2. It’s the thought that counts

When it comes to personalising a book with Hooray Heroes, it’s more than just uploading a photo and letting AI do the work.  Our personalisation interface lets you choose so much about what makes your book unique. You can personalise the main character or characters, sometimes mum or dad, or maybe even a personalised sidekick! But it’s not just that. You choose the stories or poems or wishes to be included and their order.  Also, the personal dedication really allows you to leave your mark on such a thoughtful gift. 

#3. A gift that’ll last a lifetime

Once your kiddies see themselves in a book with their name and likeness on the cover, they’re going to be hooked.  Just get ready to have to read it for a bedtime story again and again and again. But always remember, THIS IS A GOOD THING! They’re into reading! And a love of books is a gift that’ll last a lifetime.

#4. Enhances the learning experience

Tons of research is showing that kids respond positively to reading a book that they can see themselves in, and almost all of the findings indicate that personalised books are even more beneficial in early childhood development than reading a regular, non-personalised book. Your gift is also a head start! 

#5. Melts the heart

If you haven’t noticed, we’re suckers for dads crying when they read their personalised book for their kiddie for the first time. And can you really blame us? We’re tickled pink that our books help to evoke those emotions in people.  So, if you wanna see a grown-up cry, get a mum or dad you know our Grows Up book. But don’t forget some tissues as well. They’ll probably come in handy!

So, what are you waiting for? Create a gift – to give a child or a parent – that the whole family will enjoy together! It’ll be a memory-maker you’ll cherish for years to come! Head on over to hoorayheroes.co.uk and start personalising your book right now! And if you don’t know which book to create, especially for the holidays, take a look at this handy guide that’ll help you find the perfect fit for you and yours. Trust us, you won’t regret it!