Gift Boxes

These are not any old gift boxes you get in any old shop. No way! Hooray Heroes gift boxes are colourful, fun and well, one of a kind – just like our books and just like the child your gift is destined for. And, best of all, each original gift box also doubles as an entertining board game made of high-quality cardstock to withstand many years of enjoyment! It’s the gift box that keeps on giving!

There are several boxes to choose from:

Magical Gift Box

The Magical gift box is meant for each and every occasion. Just wait and see the smile on your little one’s face when they open it. Here in this land far, far, far away we don’t let anything go to waste, so we have put the back of the box to good use… Here is what’s on it!

The Magical Land board game

On the bottom of this high-quality cardstock gift box you’ll find a wonderful illustration of the Magical Land. In the lid of the box is a grid of 16 fields in five different colours and one 'bonus' field. On the sides, our ladybirds have written instructions for the exciting task to be undertaken. You supply the die and we’ll guarantee the fun! The rules are simple. The player whose turn it is casts the die inside the lid of the box. The player then checks the colour of the field on which it landed and the number they have rolled. They then look on the side to see what their task is.

Some examples of tasks:
• Find something red around you.
• Count the ladybirds in the Magical Land.
• Make a happy face.
• Shout “Hooray!” three times.
And our favourite:
• Hug another player.

Birthday Party Box

It’s a party in a box! Every child looks forward to their birthday, so what could be better than a personalised book all about them on their special day? A personalised book AND a high-quality cardstock party box that doubles as a hugely fun memory game that is sure to entertain both the parents and cake-eating kids for hours! It may be the best present your child receives (so better save it for last)!

Make pairs from cards who are characters from the Birthday book, and also try to get the unicorn to eat an entire cake! The one with the most matches or the highest number of points once the unicorn has finished their cake wins!

Check out the Birthday Party Box

Gift Box for Two

Created just for our personalised book for two siblings, the Gift Box for Two is the perfect way to give your one-of-a-kind gift to two special kids. Not only is it adorned with beautiful illustrations inspired by their book, but it also doubles as a fun board game meant especially for two! This gift box is a perfect complement to such a beautiful gift for two siblings and the board game promises to have them working together as the unstoppable team you know they are!

Thirsty Trumpeter board game

The Thirsty Trumpeter board game encourages active socialising and cooperation in a land far, far, far away… In this game, siblings become masters of cooperation. They have to work as a team that acts bravely till the end.

The goal of the game is to bring the elephants to the waterfall before night falls. Since the game is meant for two, they will definitely succeed. But to make sure it's not too easy, we've prepared three difficulty levels.

You will find game pieces and a die for Thirsty Trumpeter enclosed.

Check out the gift box for two

Christmas Gift Box

So a good little girl or boy is getting a customized book for Christmas? Hooray for them! But of course, no Christmas gift is complete until it's been wrapped just right. Lucky for you, our elves have got you covered! Our festive Christmas gift box is the perfect way to give our books away and will add a spark of glee underneath your tree. And unlike ordinary boxes, this one is actually part of the gift! That’s right. Everything with our elves has to be both festive and fun, so this merry little box is also an exciting board game! Providing hours of fun, it’s sure to be the gift box that keeps on giving!

The Catching Santa Board Game

What child hasn’t dreamed of catching a glimpse of Santa? Now imagine their excitement as they try to not just see him but catch him! This simple game promises to be action-packed as 2 to 4 players race around collecting points by catching not only Santa, but also his friends and each other. So Christmas isn’t just in the box – it’s on it, too!

Catching Santa promises Christmas fun for the whole family. If you can roll a die, you can play!

You will find the game pieces and dice for Catching Santa enclosed.

Check out the Christmas gift box

Colour-It-Yourself Gift Box

The perfect way for all those DIY kiddies who want to give Mummy or Daddy their unique book in a truly one-of-a-kind box. It comes complete with free crayons to help turn this high-quality paperboard box into the perfect giftwrap for the unique book inside. Just add imagination! Don’t forget to share your little one’s masterpiece on social media with #artfordaddy / #artformummy/ #art4family

We all know that the best gifts come from the heart. You sure do! That’s why you’re creating a one-of-a-kind book for someone special. But don’t stop there! Let your little one go to town adding their own flair to this gift box and put the finishing touches on a truly memorable gift. Mum’s or Dad’s heart will jump for joy when they see the thought that went into this.

Please be advised that this is not suitable for children under three, as its small parts present a choking hazard.

My Treasure Hunt Gift Box

Do you have a house full of kids who need something fun and exciting to get them moving?

Why not have a treasure hunt with some of the BEST FRIENDS in the world – the “Hooray, Theo! You Did It!” SIDEKICKS!

More than just a hunt for treasure, it’s a fun way to have them cooperate and release some energy! Phew!

It’s a real adventure for your curious little ones!

Please be advised that this is not suitable for children under three, as its small parts present a choking hazard.

Hooray! Fun for the whole family
Even if a book’s only meant for one, anyone can play these fun board games.
Endless hours of pure fun
Different difficulty levels ensure new challenges and unexpected twists.
Let’s exercise our body and mind
Our board games encourage activity, socialising and offer endless possibilities for learning.