The best gifts for children

Are Hooray Heroes children's books the best gift you can give to a child? We certainly believe so. Of course, they could never replace a walk in the nearby woods, jumping in puddles or having endless fun with friends. But since you can’t do these wonderful things all day long, and because we all need a little quiet time every once in a while, we believe a personalised children’s book is something every child should be lucky enough to have when it’s time to cuddle up on the sofa for some quality time with mum and dad.

Hooray Heroes books make children the heroes of the story. The most valuable asset of our books is definitely the element of “personalisation”. It is easy to see that children love roleplay and nothing sparks the imagination more than seeing yourself as the protagonist of the story. This truly is a powerful tool, helping a child to learn something new and reimagine their own world of fairy tales. From the littlest of the little, who are still getting used to the sounds of mummy's and daddy's voices, to those already familiar with the scribbles that adults call letters and words, and even those children who would like to share a very special story with their teacher and classmates – we know they will get the greatest enjoyment when they see themselves as the hero in one of our books.

How to choose the right book?

Our Hooray Heroes bookshelves are filled with a range of books, and each of them includes a special lesson that parent and child together will recognise and value as they grow together. In each and every book, you create the hero. Simply choose the hero's gender, name and appearance and write a personal dedication that will make your gift even more special and unique – at no extra cost.

Do you have a special occasion coming up and want to give the book to your little hero in a lovely gift box? Well, the little ladybirds of our land have also designed some very special gift boxes that double as fun board games for the whole family.

There are several boxes to choose from:

If you have any additional questions about choosing the best gift for your child, please contact us at any time at or call us at 07701 407 070.

Wrap the best gift ever in the best gift box ever!