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7 most frequently asked questions

What is a personalised book?
Hooray Heroes books offer personalisation supreme, where you, as the author, write the child’s name, choose the gender and the overall appearance with hairstyle and hair color, eye colour and skin tone. If your little one gazes upon the world through glasses, you can even choose a pair. And if she has freckles on her little nose, you can include those, too. But there’s more. Your child’s surname also appears once in the book and some books offer the possibility to choose different stories. And our best seller even makes it possible to define the mother’s features. No wonder it’s a best seller. Some of our books offer more than 5 million combinations, so you can be sure that yours will be as unique as your child is. And we don’t want to reveal any spoilers, but we have some new books in store that will make you very happy. Follow us on Facebook where we’ll keep you posted.
What ages are Hooray Heroes children’s books intended for?
The sky is the limit when imagination is at play, so there is no age limit when it comes to liking Hooray Heroes books. It may be true that children up to the age of 12 will be the most excited and captivated by our books, but we have to admit that some mums have needed a handkerchief or two while reading our books. The stories of our personalised children’s books differ so much that there’s no recipe or rule. But we know one thing: you’ll always have fun reading them.
Do all books really have hard covers?
Yes! All Hooray Heroes books have hard covers and are printed on thick paper and have a strong binding so they can withstand the excitement and curiosity of children's curious hands. Our wish is that every one of our unique books stays on your child’s bookshelf in good condition for years to come.
Can I order a gift box together with the book?
Every book can be delivered to your home in a very special gift box that doubles as an educational and fun board game for the whole family. You can add the gift box to the shopping cart after personalising the hero during the order process.
Do you charge extra for long names?
Absolutely not! All books allow for any name to be included. That’s the name of our game. It wouldn't be fair for you to pay more for your book just because your child has a longer name or, even worse, that you wouldn't be able to get one of our books at all. The shortest name of one of our heroes was only 2 letters long (a boy named An), and the longest consisted of 19 (Aleksandra Elizabeta). So go for it!
Can I also add a personal dedication?
Absolutely! You can add a personal dedication to every book at no extra cost. We’ve prepared a few Hooray inspirations for dedications (you can find them beneath the text box where you write your dedication), but you can also use your imagination and creativity and think of something completely unique and then write your name under below. If you decide to use one of our suggestions, don’t forget to personalise it: change the child’s name, check if all the pronouns are correct and of course, sign it with your name. Since the books come in different sizes, the space available for personal dedications also varies. For this reason, there is also a counter above each text box that tells you how many characters you have left.
How fast will I receive the package?
After completing the order and successfully making payment, you'll wait for 10 working days at most for our book to get to you. You have three different delivery options to choose from. Royal Mail takes your book up to 10 working days to reach the delivery address. No additional payment is required. Yes, it’s free. Happy days! With Royal Mail 1st class, the book will get to you in 7 working days or less. The DHL shipping option will deliver your book within 5 working days.