So Many Freebies from Hooray Heroes!

We love to give things away, and our freebies are cuter than cute, adorable to boot, and perfect for so many different scenarios and times of the year!  That’s why we’ve released TEN different personalised colouring books and printables. And even better, they’re FREE

All seasons colouring book!

Create a magical surprise for your little hero or heroine. A personalised colouring book in which they embark on different adventures that life throws at them! Each illustration also carries a special message. Create a personalised colouring book today and let the adventures begin!

How to draw like a real hero!

We love the fact that kids and adults love our books, so we thought it would be nice to not just help them fall in love with reading, but also fall in love with drawing as well!  The fun and amazing artworks here are featured in several of our editions, and while they might look complicated at first, after watching these cute and easy tutorials, you and your little ones will have so much fun drawing!  And who knows where their imaginations will go after following these simple steps! 

Colouring book with the sidekicks from our book “Hooray, Theo! You  did it!”

“Hooray, Theo! You did it!” is a fun and loving way to capture and celebrate all of your baby’s firsts! Memories fade with time, but thanks to this book, parents will be able to hold on to them forever in one beautiful keepsake! Your kiddie will be accompanied by one of five fun-loving sidekicks. Get to know them in this colouring book! In fact, we’ve got TWO – one with ALL 5 sidekicks and your little one, and one with just the sidekicks! 

Personalised siblings’ colouring book

Two heroes, double the fun, double the adventures! In this colouring book, your tag team embarks on an unforgettable adventure, just like in the book “The adventures of Leo and Tasha”! Find colouring inspiration in the book, and then quickly grab some colouring pencils and let the colouring begin!

Personalised colouring calendar for your little hero!

New year, new resolutions, new adventures! Join us on a 365-day long adventure and don’t forget about the colouring pencils! We doubt this will last for the whole year, so we have a simple solution – you can download this colour-it-in calendar unlimited times! Happy colouring!

Free dad-inspired cards

Nowadays, dads are scattered all over the place. This Father’s Day, take some time and show them how much you love them with these Dad-inspired cards!

If you still haven’t got the perfect Father’s Day gift, check out our personalised books for daddies!

FREE mum-inspired cards!

 And let’s not forget about MOTHER’S DAY! Mums are simply the best, and while we should celebrate them all year round, let’s REALLY celebrate them right now with these amazing mum-inspired printables! They’re as cute as can be, and are waaaaaaaaaay better than some card you’d pick up at the supermarket!

FREE Birthday cards

Every birthday is special, but make this one the MOST SPECIALEST BIRTHDAY EVER with these amazing FREE Birthday Cards! Let the celebrations begin!

Free new baby printable cards!

The new baby is here! When you want to give a new mum something personal and heartfelt but don’t want to use a glue gun, download these super-cute cards, print them from home, and surprise nouveaux mummy with something extra-special

Back to school gift

Get ready for the start of the school year! Our personalised timetable will helpmake sure that the right workbooks are packed, and with the help of personalised name tags, make sure that your kiddie’s notes don’t find their way in classmate’s school bag!

Our colouring books took over the world!

Not just books, but colouring books as well! Last week only, we brought smile to over 2 million kids all around the globe with our FREE personalised books!

Get the colouring pencils ready and start colouring in!

With so many options, we’re sure you’ll find at least one colouring book or printable card that will come in handy, whatever the time of year or special occasion!  Download them, print them out, and release your little one’s inner Picasso, Pollock, or Matisse!

Take a peek inside the world of Hooray Heroes’ personalised books

Hooray Heroes offer personalised children’s book sand colouring books in which the main heroes are none other than your kiddies! The book is designed by you in the ordering process – choose the gender, name, and the overall look of your hero. You can choose the hairstyle and hair colour, eye colour, and even add freckles of glasses! Personalised to a T!