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Diya, Kabir, Daddy Will Always Love You


Perfect gift for Daddies of two! Make way for siblings! It’s double the fun in this sequel to the Daddy Edition of our bestselling Amelia, You’ll Always Be My Little Girl. In it, two siblings grow up and team up on adventures of their own, but Daddy is never far behind. This perfect gift for Daddy and two kiddies alike adorably captures how the little memories made together create the bond they’ll cherish forever.

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Our books for kids and their families have been personalised over 2.5 million times! Some readers laugh, some (most!) cry tears of joy – create yours now and let the emotions run wild!
For Daddy + 2 Kiddies
All the emotions from this personalised bestselling series can now be shared with two siblings! Vibrant illustrations and cute, rhyming stories ensure sibling fun for everyone!
Perfect Gift for Daddy
The best gift for Fathers! Daddy will love reading this personalised book – narrated by him – to his two kiddies now and cherish it long after they’re all grown up.

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