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Diary of Baby


Babies are messy, uncooperative and demanding. No, wait – parents are all those things! Babies are just misunderstood! This relatable AF (also funny) personalised diary – written and illustrated from the baby’s perspective – is the perfect gift for new parents. Whether for a baby shower, as a push present, or just to say: “You've got this!” this is THE gift to give. Will this book be more innocent and sweet ?️, a bit suggestive ?️?️ or completely spicy ?️?️?️? You decide! The more chilli peppers a story has, the more suggestive the content! ?️

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Relatable AF
Also funny. Produced by parents – for parents, this book is the perfect way to show new mummies and daddies exactly what they’re in for.
Contains Suggestive Content
Make no mistake: this is a book for parents. The baby narrator puts innocent words into adult positions to provide some comic relief for when things get hard.
Personalised Family
You personalise the two parents (and their baby!) who appear in hilarious, relatable scenes on every page. It’s a baby gift like you’ve never seen before!

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