Happy birthday!!!

On their own, the words happy and birthday are nice enough, but when they team up, they're unstoppable! Today alone, almost 18 million people will be wished a Happy Birthday. The Happy Birthday song is the most popular song in the world. And nothing lights up a child’s face like a happy, little candle as when they wake up on the day devoted to them and hear the words: Happy Birthday! We think a pair of words this good deserves its own book, and not just any book, a personalised children’s Happy Birthday extravaganza! In the form of a book with hard covers and thick pages perfect for kids aged 0 to 12. And their parents, of course!

A Great Deal!

Because we thrive on spreading love and good birthday wishes we've got a discount treat for you. You'll get to spend some quality time with a birthday boy or girl not only with our book, but also over an icecream or a cup of hot chocolate – for the same price! That's a heartwarming deal! Just like this book!

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What Makes our Book an Extravaganza?

Like any birthday celebration, this personalised children’s birthday book is fun, fun, fun! So, for this second book in the series that began with “Merry Christmas, Noah” we’ve invited a mob of meerkats, a troop of monkeys, an eagle, a hippo and a rabbit to help celebrate this joyous occasion. Oh, not to mention an alien and a dragon too. We even tracked down a unicorn! And there are even more – go ahead and meet them all!

What Makes it the Perfect Personalised Gift?

Where does one begin? Unlike an ordinary book or toy, you put your heart and soul into this personalised book. Like all of our books, you name the main hero and create their appearance by choosing their skin tone, hair colour and style, eye colour and shape and add glasses or freckles – all inspired by the birthday boy or girl, of course! The personalisation process is fun and easy, and wait till you see their face when they see themselves on the cover and with the characters you choose on every page! Add your own dedication, and they’ll read and cherish their birthday book this year and for many years to come! And all the days in between too!

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What Do These Party Animals Have to Say?

You’re full of good questions today! Each character wishes the birthday boy or girl something different and fun! The cheetah tells her to never give up, the dragon tells him to be fearless, and the owl reminds us all to stay curious. Each character has been coached by NY Times best-selling author and real-life party animal, Adam Wallace, to make sure they say it juuuuust right. You decide which 10 wishes you have for the birthday boy or girl and our characters deliver them in charming, easy-to-read poems! Have a peek under the wrapping paper and see for yourself:

Here, the Meerkat shows why being unique is the best:

Hi Oliver! Happy birthday! It’s me! Over here!
I’m the meerkat wishing you ALL the birthday cheer!
I have to tell you something, something I believe is true,
The most important gift you’ll ever get is … YOU!

There’s no one in the world like you, you’re the only one,
No one else can talk like you, or walk, or jump, or run.
You’re the only Oliver that looks and sounds like you,
Unless you’re an identical twin, then there are kind of two of you!

But even then, there will be things that will set you apart,
Like me! How am I different? Well, where do I start?
My arms are shorter, my tail is longer, my eyes aren’t quite as wide,
And when everyone else is looking forward? I look to the side.

The world awaits your magic, your amazing Oliver style,
You don’t have to be like everyone else, do what makes you smile.
But no matter what you’re doing, I hope that you’ll agree,
You should be the very, very best you that you can be!

And here’s the Hippo showing the importance of kindness:

Hip hippo hooray, guess what, Ruby?
I love to wallow around
In water, or mud, or in the sun,
Or just lie on the ground.

But the other thing I love the most,
Aside from being lazy.
Is being kind to everyone,
It’s so good it drives me crazy!

See, when I’m kind to other hippos,
They are all kind, too.
Kindness is catching, which is much better
Than catching a cold or the flu.

So be kind to others, Ruby,
It works like a magic spell.
But, most importantly, don’t forget
To be kind to yourself as well!

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Now you know what makes this the perfect personalised birthday gift! And with its adorable illustrations and entertaining, positive messages, you can rest assured this book will be read over and over and over again! “Happy Birthday, Noah” – birthday fun between two covers that is sure to inspire smiles for years to come. Hooray!

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