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Oh no! Did something go wrong while you were trying to order one of our Hooray Heroes books? Or maybe you’re not sure about how to choose the best or most suitable book for your little one? Please know that we’re here for you and will gladly help you with anything that you may need.

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Help with hero personalisation

What are the things that I can personalise?
Hooray Heroes books offer personalisation supreme. Of course, you write the child’s name, choose the gender and the overall appearance with hairstyle and hair colour, eye colour and skin tone. If your little one gazes upon the world through glasses, you can even choose those. And if she has freckles on her little nose, you can include those, too. But there’s more. Your child’s surname also appears once in the book and some books offer the possibility to choose different stories. And our best seller even makes it possible to define the mother’s features. No wonder it’s a best seller. Some of our books offer more than 5 million combinations, so you can be sure that yours will be as unique as your child is. And we don’t want to reveal any spoilers, but we have some new books in store that will make you very happy. Follow us on Facebook where we’ll keep you posted.
How long can the child's name be? What happens if it's too long?
No name is too long! But if your little hero happens to have an extremely long name (more than 19 letters long), write to us at and our Hooray Heroes tribe elders will convene and discuss this pickle. Once they reach a decision, we'll obey their instructions and try adjusting the book in such a way that our newest hero will enter our land with his or her name in full. And of course you can use 2 or 3 names if your little one has them.
Do you charge extra for long names?
Absolutely not! All books allow for any name to be included. That’s the name of our game. It wouldn't be fair for you to pay more for your book just because your child has a longer name or, even worse, that you wouldn't be able to get one of our books at all. The shortest name of one of our heroes was only 2 letters long (a boy named An), and the longest consisted of 19 (Aleksandra Elizabeta). So go for it!
Can I use my child's nickname instead of their first name?
Your wish is our command. It's up to you to decide whether to use your child's nickname or given name. You could use their first name in the dedication and nickname in the book – the choice is yours. Be sure to write the name you want to be shown on the cover and throughout the book in the personalisation box at the start of the personalisation process (Enter the child’s name/Girl’s name/Boy’s name). The name you put in the personalisation box will appear on the cover and throughout the book.
How do I order a book with two personalised heroes?
This is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Go to where you can define the older and the younger sibling, add a narrator and pick 15 of your favourite stories. Oh, and don't forget about a heartfelt dedication – either choose one of those we've already prepared for you or write a personal one. You see, a piece of cake, just like we told you!
Can I also add a personal dedication?
Absolutely! You can add a personal dedication to every book at no extra cost. We’ve prepared a few Hooray-inspired dedications (you can find them beneath the text box where you write your dedication), but you can use your imagination and creativity and think of something completely unique and then write your name below it. If you decide to use one of our suggestions, don’t forget to personalise it: change the child’s name, check if all the pronouns are correct and of course, sign it with your name. Since the books come in different sizes, the space available for personal dedications also varies. For this reason, there is also a counter above each text box that tells you how many characters you have left.