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Help with book selection

What ages are Hooray Heroes children’s books intended for?
The sky is the limit when imagination is at play, so there is no age limit when it comes to liking Hooray Heroes books. It may be true that children up to the age of 12 will be the most excited and captivated by our books, but we have to admit that some mums have needed a handkerchief or two while reading our books. The stories of our personalised children’s books differ so much that there’s no recipe or rule. But we know one thing: you’ll always have fun reading them.
Which stories are available?
We are proud to present our introductory book selection. We have absolute gems for you that will fit any occasion. To begin with, there are the all-around favourites “When Charlie Grows Up” and ''When Emily Grows Up – Daddy Edition'' where you can choose the hero along with their features, select the stories, personalise and name the child’s mother or father, write a dedication and voila! In case you have two little munchkins at home, we have an ingenious solution for you: order ''The Adventures of Thomas and Leo'' and you'll have a souvenir embracing their childhood memories for both of them and yourself! When the most wonderful time of the year starts approaching, you'll also be able to find a little charmer on our book shelf – the festive ''Merry Christmas, George'' full of Christmas magic perfect for family snuggles under the blanket. But honestly, you'll have an absolute winner regardless of which book you decide on!

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Do all books really have hard covers?
Yes! All Hooray Heroes books have hard covers and are printed on thick paper and have a strong binding so they can withstand the excitement and curiosity of children's curious hands. Our wish is that every one of our unique books stays on your child’s bookshelf in good condition for years to come.
Is it also possible to order books in foreign languages?
We speak many languages in Hooray Heroes Land and try to offer books in more than one. At the moment you can practice German, French, Italian or Slovenian with our books. If you're interested in stepping into a Hooray Heroes story told in a foreign language, just let us know at and we’ll make your wish come true.
How long are Hooray Heroes books?
All Hooray Heroes personalised children’s books tell the story of your little hero in 24 to 28 pages. The length of the book is fixed and doesn't change according to how long your hero's name is.
Can I see my book before I order?
You bet you can! You can even read the whole story starring your little hero before placing it in the cart. You can also play with it and check what the book would look like if you or your best friend appeared in it. It's so much fun!
How big are Hooray Hero books?
The book format is carefully thought out: big enough to see the illustrations in all their glory and still small enough to put them in a rucksack and fly them with you to your favourite holiday destination. For the most curious ones - the books are approximately 30 cm x 22 cm.
Are the books appropriate for both boys and girls?
You can imagine that Hooray Heroes celebrate diversity, uniqueness and believe that every child can strive to be just about anything they dream of. Some of our stories are also full of fun and whimsical references that only parents will relate to. We like to mix it up a little.
Are the books sturdy enough for playful and energetic kids?
We believe so, yes, because our personalised children’s books have hard covers and a strong binding. We are sure that kids will love to read our books over and over. While we can’t vouch for the most mischievous little rascals, we have done everything we can to ensure that our books withstand long-term handling and vivacious usage.
Do Hooray Heroes children's books come with a guarantee?
Each and every Hooray Heroes book is made by hand, so it’s truly all hands on deck checking your book and taking care of any problems that might appear (for a longer name or if you have special requests regarding your dedication). Once inspected, our little helpers send the book off to our printing house where your one-of-a-kind book is printed. We then check it, test it to see that everything is okay and then send it to your delivery address.

Hooray Heroes books are printed on quality paper. We pay special attention to furnish them with hard covers and of course, a strong binding.

We guarantee quality for every product sent out into the world from our land. But if our naughty trolls succeed in making a mistake, we'll catch them, correct their mistake and send a replacement copy to you without any additional charges.

We love to make children happy – that is our primary mission. So you can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to help you in any way we can.
How much do Hooray Heroes books cost?
The prices of our personalised children's books are set at £39.00. You can check the prices on our website where every book comes with its own price. If the original price is crossed out and a new price is listed, then the reduced price is valid.
How will my book be wrapped?
Before the book leaves our land, we shrink-wrap it, pack it in a special cardboard envelope and seal it with a silicone paper strip to protect the book from harm. If you order a gift box with your book, we'll first put the book into the gift box and then pack everything in a bigger, sturdier, protective box.
What’s so special about your gift boxes?
We’re glad you asked. Our gift boxes are as amazing as our books. Why? Well, they not only serve as a beautiful book box, but also double as a board game. Mind-boggling, right? Every one of our boxes has a special board game on the bottom that will serve as a great and smart way to pass the time after you close the book. Game on, everybody!

Check out our gift boxes with board games right here.
Can I order a gift box together with the book?
Every book can arrive at your house in a very special gift box that doubles as an educational and fun board game for the whole family. You can add the gift box to the cart after personalising the hero during the order process.
Do I need to pay extra for the gift box?
Just a teeny-weeny bit, yes. You can choose from our repertoire of amazing boxes and decide which is the most appropriate.

Our Happy Birthday gift boxes come in two colours with two different board games: a unicorn-themed game and a car-themed game. Both come at only £6.90. The third is the Magical gift box from a land far, far, far ... well, you get the picture from where. It comes at a tempting price of only £6.90.

Exclusively for our Siblings book, we have created a special gift box for two, starring the Thirsty Trumpeter game which can be purchased for £9.90.

Last but not least, the most magical of them all – the Christmas gift box – becomes available for, well, who would have thought, the most beautiful time of the year and comes at a festive price of £9.90. And don't forget … all gift boxes double as fun board games.