The Christmas Gift Box

So a good little girl or boy will be getting a customised book for Christmas? Hooray for them! They’re going to love seeing themselves as the main character in their own adventure. And if you really want to get them into the Christmas spirit, then have them take part in the adventure too. Wrap their new book up in our Christmas gift box that doubles as an entertaining Christmas board game! It's made of Santa's highest-quality cardboard to ensure it'll be enjoyed for years! You’ll be on their good list, guaranteed!

The Christmas gift box brings Christmas joy to the lucky girl or boy and holds a Hooray Heroes book inside.

The Christmas gift box is nothing like a normal box because a magical surprise is waiting inside.

The Catching Santa Board Game

Each Christmas gift box doubles as an entertaining board game offering endless hours of pure fun to your children, their friends, and even you.

On the bottom of the gift box you'll find a snowy path to follow. The game is very simple but at the same time full of excitement, fun and unexpected twists. The winner of the game is the player who collects the most points by catching Santa, his friends and other players. But they have to do it before someone else catches them!

Catching Santa is the perfect way for two to four players (and unlimited spectators) to come together and get into the Christmas spirit in festive, joyous way.

Sure to bring fun to parents, as well as grannies and grandads.
Join the fun and help catch Santa, his friends and your kids!
Dice and game pieces included
All the necessary game pieces and dice are included in the gift box. Let the game begin!
Endless hours of pure fun
There’s nothing like a good old board game to get the whole family together.

The cost of one box is £9.90. Because we don’t want your book or gift box to get damaged during shipment, they will be put in an additional cardboard package.

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