The Birthday Party Box

So you want to make that perfect personalised birthday present even more perfect? Our Birthday Party Box is just what you’re looking for! Not only is the box embossed and high quality, but it also doubles as an entertaining Hooray Heroes memory game with characters taken directly from the pages of the book!

The Memory Game

Here’s how you play:

  • Lay all the cards out face down, with a card on the +3, +5, and +10 spaces also facing down.
  • Place the Smiling Unicorn card in the top left circle.
  • Each pair that’s made will get you 1 point. If you pair with one of the cards that are on the +3, +5, or +10 spaces, give yourself that many points!
  • If you make a pair with the unicorn cards, go ahead and move the unicorn one space to the right.
  • The winner is determined by whoever has the most points once the unicorn eats all the cake or once all the pairs have been made.
Get the whole family to join
In this fun memory tournament with a unicorn twist.
For beginners and advanced players
Suitable for kids of all ages – you decide on the number of pairs you wish to include.
Improve memory and concentration
A fun way to bond and learn together!

So there you have it, a totally entertaining memory game, and an amazing personalised book with your child as the birthday star!